Antoine Paneda (1929) - Brume ligérienne - Loire Mist - Original Watercolor

Antoine Paneda (1929) - Brume ligérienne - Loire Mist - Original Watercolor

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Antoine PANEDA (1929)

NAME:                       Brume ligérienne

ENGLISH NAME:     Loire Mist

MEDIUM:                  Watercolor

SIGNATURE:            Signed lower left.

SIZE:                         29.5 x 39.5 cm (11.5 x 15 inches)


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Antoine Paneda (1929-), a French artist, lives in Nièvre , France and is known for his realistic style.

He met Olga Olby, a renowned painter in 1952, and is played a decisive role in his career.   He stated in an interview (translated to English), “I am unconditional on the figurative, I paint what I see, what everyone sees.  But I arrange my painting in my own way.  I modify the structure to adapt it to my own feelings for nature.”

He has exhibited at:

     Galerie des Indépendants (Paris

     UN Palace (Geneva),

     Saint-Cyr gallery (Nevers)

     Lund (Sweden)

He enjoys exhibiting because it give him the opportunity to meet other artists and discuss techniques. He also likes to talk with the visitors to hear their thoughts on his art and to give them insight into his.

He was also a part of the Cercle Artistique Decizois (CAD) spring exhibition, on the theme of summer, at the Olga-Olby room. (click the name for their facebook site).