Eugène Begarat (1943- ) - En Kimono Bleu - In Blue Kimono - Original Oil Painting

Eugène Begarat (1943- ) - En Kimono Bleu - In Blue Kimono - Original Oil Painting

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Eugène Begarat (1943 - )

NAME:                                 En Kimono Bleu

ENGLISH NAME:                In Blue Kimono

MEDIUM:                             Oil on Canvas

SIZE:                                    92 x 65 cm (36 x 25 inches)

AUTHENTICITY:                   Artist website



Please contact us to request further information or additional images. 

This is a wonderful piece of art.  We at Singerie Ltd are very excited to have it in our collection and are happy to admire the work until it becomes yours. 

Eugène Begarat, born in Nice, currently lives and works in Vence. At the age of 17 he entered the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs de Nice and moved to the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris school in 1964.  Starting off in Brittany, he begins to travel through Italy, Tunisia, Marocco, Spain and back to Paris. 

Being a Post-Impressionists, his works show an adaptation of the “divisionist” technique, colligating colors with quick brush strokes .  His work is therefore bold and colorful, almost remembering Gaugin. 

Settling in Vence, a part of Provence, his Japanese garden has been an inspiration for some of his work which centers around female figures.  His work is represented by many galleries around the world and we are excited to have one of his pieces with Singerie Ltd.