Hans Thoma (1839 - 1924) -  The Dream, 1897 - Algraphy from several plates

Hans Thoma (1839 - 1924) - The Dream, 1897 - Algraphy from several plates

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Hans Thoma (1839-1924) 

NAME:                       Der Traum

ENGLISH NAME:    The Dream


Algraphy from several plates on paper                          

Algrpahy is process where an aluminum plate is used instead of a stone


Monogrammed and dated lower in the center of the plate: "Hth 1897", inscribed on the plate on the right: "Algraphie", underneathsigned by the artist,

SIZE:                     20 3/4 x 16 1/2 in, Plate: 19 1/3 x 14 1/4 in


Very good condition. The leaf edges are uncut and slightly discolored.

Catalog Raisonne:      Beringer 1916, 95


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Possible browning of arches paper due to age, but image is in excellent condition.

Hans Thoma (2 October 1839 – 7 November 1924) was a German painter.

Hans Thoma was born on 2 October 1839 in Bernau. He was trained in painting clock faces.  In 1859 he entered the Karlsruhe Academy and studied under Johann Schirmer and Ludwig Des Coudres, with Ludwig having the majority of influence.  He had indifferenct success in Düsseldorf, Paris, Italy, Munich and Frankfurt, until his reputation was fully established in Munich where he showed approximately thirty paintings.

Most of his paintings are in private collections. He is also known for producing many Lithographs and ink drawings. .